Plexiglass Care & Tips

Here are some considerations when cleaning your Plexiglass.


DO NOT use window cleaners to clean your plexiglass.  Cleaners that are ammonia based, like Windex, will damage it.

Alcohol based agents can also ruin plexiglass. For a quick clean you can use a clean, wet, cloth with very mild dish detergent to clean smudges. Otherwise, a damp clean cloth should be ok to wipe off dust. Microfiber cloth is preferred. Do not wipe with any paper towels as you may risk webbing the plexi.


DO NOT hang your plexi in an area that may get hot, like out near the window in the sun on a hot summer day. As plexi is a plastic, it is within the charactistics of thin plastic to warp in prolonged exposures to very warm/hot temperatures.


For a good clean and shine, use plastic polish like Novus #1 Plastic polish it is excellent.


    • Remember any sharp object, can potentially scratch the Plexi, so please be careful.
    • Never use abrasive sponges